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Terms & Conditions

Sales Terms and Conditions


Well studying of the terms and conditions stated below are helpful for your purchase of our materials.

  1. All sizes of snakeskins are quoted without VAT. Additional cost would be quoted subject to your special request on specific articles developed. 

  2.  A sales quotation is normally valid for 3 months from the Issue Date unless with special notice.  

  3. For any order cancellation, cancellation fee is 25% of the order value and the payment must be settled within 3 days.

  4. If you purchase our snakeskins by square inch, the final billing of ordered skins is based on measurement of the size of each skin delivered. Client should understand that the width of each skin will vary naturally from one another ranged up to 0.50 -1.00 inche for  production and delivery. Therefore the final quantity of delivery is slightly different (more or less) from the quantity orderd from customer's PO. Therefore, the total billing amount is eventually calculated on delivered lumpsum of square inches of all skins measured individually.

  5. You may need different sizes of skins for different fashion products.  For shoes and bags making, skins sized fron 3.75 to 4.75 inches wide are normally well fit. However if you need special size or over 5 inches up, a special quote will be given separately.

  6. We accept return of skins within 30 days upon our confirmation, except those skins with backing, glues and additions applied on. In addition, buyer is responsible of the shipping cost of return and 20% of restocking fee. However, we have Black-Dyeing service available for your request of redyeing skins with additional chemical cost applied. 

  7. Credit Terms: Buyers are required to pay 50% deposit upon order placement and the balance shall be made before ex-factory. It is available for long term customers with good payment history to apply credit terms. However Kam Lung reserves all rights in financial control.

  8. Please discuss with our CS team for delivery days since they may vary due to  seasons, production capacity, skins supply, articles' complexity, etc.  Please seek final confirmation on price, delivery date and Terms and Conditions from your local office.

Sales Quotation and Order Confirmation can be obtained from one of our local offices.  If you have further questions on Sales Order, you are very welcome to contact your corresponding representative from our local offices.

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